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Prettau bridge: durable and well thought-out

Implant-supported prostheses are exposed to much greater forces than conventional bridges due to the absence of periodontal ligaments. This may lead to chipping of the porcelain on the occlusal surfaces. The full zirconia Prettau bridge offers a solution to this problem.

First we create a set up in wax ready for try-in by the dentist. This allows us to thoroughly check both the aesthetic and the functional aspect. Then we duplicate the set up in an epoxy frame, so that the occlusion, articulation and cleanability can easily be determined without altering the internal crystal structure of the zirconia material.

Aesthetic and biocompatible

When the epoxy frame has been approved by the dentist, the structure is copied in zirconia. The posterior or molar zone is made from full zirconia. Only the anterior zone and the gingiva are customised with porcelain. Prettau zirconia is an odourless and highly biocompatible material that nicely adheres to the gums.

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Placing a Prettau bridge is a predictable procedure: as a dentist you can easily adjust the epoxy frame to determine the occlusion and cleanability.

Advantages of the Prettau bridge?

  • Highly durable solution
  • Predictable procedure
  • Beautiful and natural aesthetics
  • Superior biocompatibility
  • Beautiful adherence to the gums
  • Odourless and virtually maintenance free
  • Both screw-retained and cemented

Would you like more information about the Prettau bridge?

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