Aesthetic crowns and bridges

Van de Velde Dentalkeramiek has for 30 years been an expert in aesthetic crowns and bridges. We deliver craftsmanship with a natural look, good contact points and the right occlusion. You can also count on a close and indication-dependent consultation with your dental technician.

The most optimal and natural result is achieved by finding the ultimate balance between opalescence, fluorescence and translucency with different colours and effects. But also by attaching the appropriate surface texture with finesse.


  • Porcelain fused zirconia
  • Porcelain fused e.max
  • Monolithic zirconia restorations
  • Monolithic e.max restorations
  • Metallic restorations (precious or base metal)
  • Lithium disilicate for facings, inlays, onlays and solitary crowns

Custom crowns and bridges

Essential in the placement of crowns and bridges is the choice of the right material as a function of the indication, the desired aesthetics, the concrete function (bruxism, limited vertical space, etc.), the span and the strength of the material.

Facings or veneers

A facing or veneer is the queen of aesthetics. A facing is a thin shield of porcelain that is glued to the tooth. It is pressed in a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (e.max) with a strength of 400 MPa. For an even more natural look, the facing is subsequently veneered with e.max ceram porcelain.

Facings in e.max are adhesive glued, preferably using Ivoclar Variolink Veneer.

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